Where do you deliver?

  • We deliver all our products worldwide.
Who delivers your products?​
  • Items to individual consumers over 2KG are delivered via UPS.
  • ​​Items to business customers over 2KG are delivered via DHL Freight.
  • ​​​​Items to individuals and business customers under 2KG are delivered via DHL package.​​​
​​Can I track my shipment with a tracking code on the Internet?
  • Of course. After your shipment has been received, we will send you an email with a tracking number so that you can see at any time where your shipment is currently located.​
​Is the item I ordered insured against loss, damage, theft etc. during delivery?​
  • ​​Yes. All shipments are insured & traceable while being shipped.
How long are the shipping times once you have shipped my ordered item?​
  • 5 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)​
​Do you offer express shipping?
  • Yes, only by prior arrangement. If the item is in stock, we can deliver this at an extra cost within 24 hours throughout Europe.
I need an air conditioner, accessories, or other items which are not listed in your shop - can you help me?
  • Yes, we will do everything possible to provide you with the product you would like. Please contact us by phone or email.​​
​Can you organise the installation and/or initial set up for my air conditioner?
  • Please contact us.
 ​Why not offer purchase on account?​
  • We operate on the principle of risk control and risk mitigation. Payment in arrears and receivables management incur more costs - which could only be compensated by increasing product prices. For this reason, we do not assume this increased risk in order to offer all our customers the best possible price.