Where do you deliver?

  • We deliver all our products worldwide.
Who delivers your products?​
  • Items to individual consumers over 2KG are delivered via UPS.
  • ​​Items to business customers over 2KG are delivered via DHL Freight.
  • ​​​​Items to individuals and business customers under 2KG are delivered via DHL package.​​​
​​Can I track my shipment with a tracking code on the Internet?
  • Of course. After your shipment has been received, we will send you an email with a tracking number so that you can see at any time where your shipment is currently located.​
​Is the item I ordered insured against loss, damage, theft etc. during delivery?​
  • ​​Yes. All shipments are insured & traceable while being shipped.
How long are the shipping times once you have shipped my ordered item?​
  • 5 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)​
​Do you offer express shipping?
  • Yes, only by prior arrangement. If the item is in stock, we can deliver this at an extra cost within 24 hours throughout Europe.
I need an air conditioner, accessories, or other items which are not listed in your shop - can you help me?
  • Yes, we will do everything possible to provide you with the product you would like. Please contact us by phone or email.​​
​Can you organise the installation and/or initial set up for my air conditioner?
  • Please contact us.
Why do you charge PayPal fees?
  • If we did not charge PayPal fees separately, we would have to include them "hidden in the item price" for the customer. This approach would not be fair to customers who pay in advance or by direct deposit in our opinion, because they would also have to pay the hidden price increase.​
Why not offer purchase on account?​
  • We operate on the principle of risk control and risk mitigation. Payment in arrears and receivables management incur more costs - which could only be compensated by increasing product prices. For this reason, we do not assume this increased risk in order to offer all our customers the best possible price.